Stupendous S

Foster self-esteem.

May you feel support from the universe in all things.
See each space as sacred.
You are a star!
Be still and know sweet sounds of silence.
Smile, it looks good on you.
May the angels keep you safe always.

Use every sense to experience awe and wonder.

Till tomorrow dear ones – tea and tranquility?

Right on R!

Be receptive to the good things that are present all around us.

what you believe you will receive

Keep radiating positive light.

You bounce back from difficulties – remarkable.


Continue to show reverence for life.

Heaven rejoices with each kind act or thought.

Release anything not of the light.

Be responsive to needs – including your own.

Till tomorrow dear ones – Shalom.

Positively perfect P

Be grateful if you have at least one pal, be that pal animal or human.

kitten is anti depressent

Let there be peace on earth, starting with me.

Be patient – God isn’t finished with you yet.

Let your sparkling, unique personality shine through.

Play as much as possible.

Keep positive thoughts in your head as often as you can.

Prayer – every time you say aha, you are saying a prayer.

Remain pure.

May you be prosperous.

Be prepared, but hope for the best.

Tomorrow?  No question – it’s Q

Original huh? Today’s letter is O

Experience oneness with all life.


Opportunity knocks – will you answer?

May your cup overflow with blessings each and every day.

Own your own power – feel your strength and use it for good.

Observe everything – are angels sending messages of love and comfort?

Stay open-hearted precious ones.

If it’s obtainable, go for it.

Remain optimistic.

Have a blessed day.  Please come back for P.

Now hear this – here is N – naturally!

Namaste precious ones – I salute the divinity in you.

positive thing to see first thing

Nature – gentle, pure, never-failing, human or other.

Number 1 – look out for yourself so you can better help others.

Neat – keep noticing all the little joys.

May you feel the universe nurturing you.

I wish you noiseless nights so you can sleep.

Next up is O, okay?

My word – marvelous M

Treasure each and every moment.

wise words from the cookie monster
May each day be magical.
Make my day for someone special – you or someone else.
Here’s a great positive M word – Mum (or Mom if you prefer).
Meditate on happy thoughts.
Be merry and share that with others.
Make each day worthwhile.
Sing or listen to a cheerful melody.
Look at the mesmerizing beauty in nature.
Maintain a peaceful manner.
You are magnificent.
May you be blessed with miracles big and small.
See you next time for N – bye for now 🙂

Look Up – it’s L

The right path to take will feel lighter.

Feel the life force surround you.
Keep learning.
Love – enough said.
Be grateful for loyal pets and friends.
Laugh every day – it is good medicine.
May luck follow you always.
Treat yourself and those you love luxuriously.
Lo and behold – we’ve arrived at M.

Keen K

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

kitten  and words
Your journey will lead you to the key to your heart.
Be kind whenever possible – it is always possible (Dalai Lama)
Find kindred spirits and encourage each other.
Knowledge is power – learn all you can.
Kudos to you dear reader.

Look forward to L.

Just a closer walk with J…

Jump for joy!

happy dog
Make a joyful noise.
Brighten someone’s day and just like that – you’re happier.
Focus on whatever makes you jubilant.
Make each day jam-packed with fun if at all possible.
Be judicious in your quest to do good.
Join with like-minded people.
Know what? – K is next. 🙂