Back From The Brink – A second chance at life! Part 1

I wanted to share the following story to give others hope and encouragement – the story is true although names may be changed to protect the innocent.

I don’t remember much about the day I went into the hospital. I remember the ambulance, the oxygen mask, the nurse telling me that she would put my checkbook and money in an envelope in safekeeping till I left the hospital….but I am ahead of the story.

It all began after the lead role of a play – I had 412 lines to memorize. In the play I was an aging old lady named Margaret Mary and had to use a cane, then a walker, then a wheelchair in succeeding acts of the play. Little did I know then that I would need these items in a couple of years to help me get around. I was getting sicker and sicker – losing a great deal of weight except in my abdomen which turned out to be a tumor. Coworkers and friends at church begged me to go to a doctor but because of childhood experiences I was petrified of any western medicine, yet at the same time I knew I needed help. I went online to countless prayer circles and psychic healers that helped to a small extent but did not heal.

After a home visit from my church pastor I agreed to go to a doctor. I contacted a Christian Science person and began to immerse myself in the study of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science healing techniques but was still declining. One of my dogs went to my work bag and retrieved the bottle of Advil for me because he knew I couldn’t get them – to this day I will never know how he was able to do this without any training. On Christmas day of 2004 I fell and had difficulty getting up. A few weeks before this I had fallen out of bed and broke the glass end table when I hit it with my head.

Everyone (it seemed) kept asking me when my baby was due. I stopped going to church and participated in as little socializing as possible. I still devoutly listened to Christian Science lessons and stories of healing that were broadcast on the radio – too ashamed and embarrassed to be seen in public. I stubbornly held to the belief that I could be healed through prayer and study alone. The main story that gave me hope was of a schizophrenic woman in New York. One of her personalities had a malignant breast tumor but a different personality manifested no such tumor.

After a fall at work I was badly bruised and called my healer who said words to the effect that I was a whole, perfect child of God right now, and that no error could come to me. After shouting at me the next day I was stunned but the day after that the bruises were gone. More proof to me of the power of prayer. To be continued……

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