Month: March 2014

Imaginary journey to the horsehead nebula

Space – the final frontier

It has delighted and amazed us, freed our imaginations and inspired us.

Take a journey with me now to a spectacular place. We can use our imaginations to get there but this little clip 145589__lukesharples__warp-speed might spur things along.

We are on route to the Horsehead Nebula in the constellation of Orion – approximately 1300 light years away. The first recorded observation of it was in 1888 so it’s been around for a long time.

Why did I pick such an out of the way place to blog about? Good question.
I first saw an image of the Horsehead Nebula during a visit to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago and was fascinated by it then and still continue to be to this day.
We made it! It’s time to awaken from our state of suspended animation and admire the view. Take a peek outside –
orion nebula

Doesn’t that look like a horse’s head to you? Amazing. The colors are various gases and a nebula is analogous to a nursery where new stars are formed. I thought some music might be good about now – how about this piece?11 Higher Ground

Now it’s time to return to planet Earth.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the brief excursion into space.

Back from the Brink – A second chance at life! Part 2

The saga continues –
My illness was worsening but my stubbornness prevailed. I fell getting up from the couch one day and could not get up. In the morning my mum said “are you sitting there on purpose, or did you fall?” I started laughing amid the fear. My neighbors got me back on to the couch. My mum was my tower of strength and supported me through all alternative treatments.

I moved into a nursing home and received regular visits. The pain was excruciating at times but prayer eased it. My condition improved while at the nursing home but deteriorated when I returned to work. You guessed it, I had to return to the nursing home again. One of the caretakers told me than another Christian Scientist had surgery on a tumor like mine and that she then returned to Christian Science practice – I was sent home.

A week later I called a Doctor that I knew from the Episcopal Church. I was too scared and physically unable to see him in his office so he came out to my house. Shortly after his visit I decided to put my trust in Western medicine (Materia Media as the CS people call it). Less than a week later I came to the decision that I needed help and needed it fast. (note: the decision only took me 2 1/2 years to reach!) My doctor arranged for me to go into hospital the next day.

Little did I know at the time but I was very close to death. The nurse in the hospital gave me morphine for the pain. Although I don’t remember saying it she said I told her “oh yes, I’ve heard about that”. An hour later when she checked on me the house supervisor was called – they were losing me. I have no memory of signing the consent form for surgery but apparently at one point I sat up and said “I want to live; have them take it out.”

Next thing I remember was waking up in the intensive care unit with tubes in my throat and a glowing finger (my E.T. finger as I referred to it later). A few days later the nurses gave me paper and a pen so I could write requests and thoughts out since I still couldn’t talk. My pastor called mum and said I was writing and writing up a storm! I was telling jokes as I was writing as well. One of these was that I said I had a big mouth because I had to write large letters.

Tune in next time to hear my fascinating recovery.