Back from the Brink – A second chance at life! Part 2

The saga continues –
My illness was worsening but my stubbornness prevailed. I fell getting up from the couch one day and could not get up. In the morning my mum said “are you sitting there on purpose, or did you fall?” I started laughing amid the fear. My neighbors got me back on to the couch. My mum was my tower of strength and supported me through all alternative treatments.

I moved into a nursing home and received regular visits. The pain was excruciating at times but prayer eased it. My condition improved while at the nursing home but deteriorated when I returned to work. You guessed it, I had to return to the nursing home again. One of the caretakers told me than another Christian Scientist had surgery on a tumor like mine and that she then returned to Christian Science practice – I was sent home.

A week later I called a Doctor that I knew from the Episcopal Church. I was too scared and physically unable to see him in his office so he came out to my house. Shortly after his visit I decided to put my trust in Western medicine (Materia Media as the CS people call it). Less than a week later I came to the decision that I needed help and needed it fast. (note: the decision only took me 2 1/2 years to reach!) My doctor arranged for me to go into hospital the next day.

Little did I know at the time but I was very close to death. The nurse in the hospital gave me morphine for the pain. Although I don’t remember saying it she said I told her “oh yes, I’ve heard about that”. An hour later when she checked on me the house supervisor was called – they were losing me. I have no memory of signing the consent form for surgery but apparently at one point I sat up and said “I want to live; have them take it out.”

Next thing I remember was waking up in the intensive care unit with tubes in my throat and a glowing finger (my E.T. finger as I referred to it later). A few days later the nurses gave me paper and a pen so I could write requests and thoughts out since I still couldn’t talk. My pastor called mum and said I was writing and writing up a storm! I was telling jokes as I was writing as well. One of these was that I said I had a big mouth because I had to write large letters.

Tune in next time to hear my fascinating recovery.

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