Month: August 2016

Words from A Powerful Video

I recently saw a video put out by Power of Positivity.  The words really helped me so I wanted to pass them along.  They are:

If you’ve been told you’re too sensitive, this is for you…

  • Expressing your emotions is your strength
  • Loving and forgiving those who hurt you is your gift
  • Dreaming and thinking deeply about life is your power to bring change.
  • Feeling energy around you, emotions, and pain, means you’re very aware.
  • You’re not crazy, naive, or broken.  You’re normal.
  • It’s an innate gift you were given, but you must protect yourself to stay strong.
  • Limit time with people and situations that drain your energy.
  • Make time for self care, nature, and solitude to recharge.
  • Always remember, you don’t need to change or harden
  • You’re purity makes you who you are
  • Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.


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