New Year – new chance to write

Hi – this year I’ve decided to locate prompts that speak to me and write about them in posts. Today’s prompt started

“If I were invisible…” and came from

Here’s what I came up with:

If I were invisible, I’d listen in on what people say and anonymously try to help them. If I was able to help them or not, I would send them energy from the universe as a channel. It would be much easier to attend a party if I were invisible – I would not feel in any way constricted – I could just be myself. I may have to dream of wearing a cloak of invisibility, or being in a place that had a higher vibration that me, so I appeared invisible to the inhabitants. I would definitely go to the ocean and commune with the dolphins and sandpipers. I would walk slowly along the shore, aware of the gentle waves lapping at my heels, the sand squishing beneath my toes. Yes, to an introvert like me, being invisible sounds wonderful.

I hope everyone who reads this is blessed.

Check back again for another thought.

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