Read Aileen’s story

A sensitive soul named Aileen (which means shining one) “accidently” discovers a room hidden behind one of the bookshelves in her favorite room – the library. Maybe it was meant to be! This room is a portal to other dimensions where she can be an invisible helper without absorbing any of the negative energy. And so it begins….

On the morning of her 16th birthday Aileen woke early and ran with her kitten to her favorite room – the library. Spying one of her birthday gift books that she liked to read again and again (and had worn out), she took it. Just then, a creaking sound……..

What’s this? A room behind the bookshelf. Aileen sensed nothing but peace and calm so had no fear to enter. Her sidekick kitten “kitty cat” (nicknamed KC) joined her. Breathtaking! All of her years and she never even knew this place existed. One area led to what looked like a cave made of amethyst; a stairwell leading down – she could hear water! Wow! An arbor of lavender was behind her (that must lead back to the library she thought). Aileen vowed then and there that she would tell no one of the room; but would return to it as often as she could.

Want to read more?

Head over to to buy.  $10 – published last week by Ingram.  Will be available in Barnes and Noble soon.  Final chapter of the book is a preview of the sequel.  Thank you dear readers – may it bless and inspire you.  Recent comments about the book have been “heart warming and educational…” “Could not stop reading…”

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