B is for Be Grateful

Be Grateful – I’m certainly grateful for the wonderful people at Positive Words Research.com for inspiring me with their list of positive words. I have added to their list from time to time. Also very grateful for me readers.

be grateful


Just saw another idea as I was looking for this picture – Be gentle with yourself – good advice.  Reminders can come from unexpected sources.

Believe you can and that will help you.

Blessed – definitely.  When you start acknowledging your blessings you see more and more of them; and more blessings will flow toward you.  Neat!

Big-hearted – be like the Grinch whose heart grew two sizes when he started being kind 🙂

Bonjour – hello world!  It’s me.  (Smile to self)

Brimming – your cup of happiness will be full.

Bounce back more quickly when things don’t go quite as planned.

Go boldly and bravely on child of the light.

Tomorrow we will cleverly look at C.


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