Positive Words That Make Your Heart Happy – Starting with A going all the way to Z

This is the start of a series of blog posts – everything from A – Z in positive words designed to make your heart happy.

Today is Aha moments – these are exhilarating when they come. Darkness is dispersed and you have light all around.

snoopy and pal aha moment

Aha moments

Attraction – what you think about you attract so think happy positive thoughts.

Awesome – how you feel when you see something spectacular like a waterfall, sunlight rays streaming through clouds, a tail wag from a good buddy…

All systems go – follow your dreams precious ones and don’t look back.

Applause – give yourself a pat on the back for any effort you bring to an idea or plan to make the world a better place for all.

Appreciate – notice the little things in life – small joys that add up to big differences – alight on you like angel kisses.  Examples are a smile from a child, a gift or greeting from a friend, a bird song…

Authentic – Be true to yourself.  You are unique.

A shining example – you are amazing.  Others can follow your lead and be happy as well.

Tune in tomorrow for B.


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