Horea as they say in Afrikaans – Hi H

Celebrate victories big and small with a heart felt hooray.

Have a happy heart – it will make your day brighter.
Give heartfelt thanks for each new day; and after each day ends.
Make sure to laugh when things are hilarious or hysterical. Sometimes this is only after some time has passed.
Be honest – it is the best way to be.
Lend a helping hand – to animal, human, nature, all.
Every day you give your best is a heroic effort – well done.
Hear a joyful sound – birds, water, music, whatever makes you happy.
Heaven is smiling with each good thought or deed.

Remain Hopeful.
Hello world!
There is no place like home, no matter where home is.
Here and now – live in the present moment.
What treasures will we find in I?

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