Where in the world are we? A is first

Welcome adventurers one and all!  So glad you could join me in my travels around the world.

First stop is Adelaide in South Australia – by the great Australian bight (not bite as you might have thought).  A wonderful 20 acre zoo is there (an example of the animals they have is below this sentence) along with a sports arena, botanic gardens, and a natural history museum.

adelaide zoo

Awww; who doesn’t love pandas?

More of an art fan?  The art gallery of South Australia was founded in 1881.  Stay on your best behavior though – you don’t want to wind up in jail – Adelaide can accommodate you.

A fan of trains or rocking horses?  Adelaide has places for you as well.

Hungry?  Africola might just be the thing.  The owner came from Johannesburg originally so the flavor is authentic.

All that sightseeing and now we are ready for a snooze – yes?  Try the desert cave hotel.  Yes – you can sleep underground – wow!  Or perhaps you prefer a castle? or a Fire station?  Adelaide has you covered.

Oh; and it wasn’t settled by convicts and iced coffee out sold coke in statistical reports.  Maybe the university students in Adelaide know how good coffee is?  Join me next time.  Where in the world will we be?

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