Where in the world…C

We  leave beautiful Balclutha and go 7,559 miles across the Indian Ocean and we arrive at Chita in Russia.  Phew – that’s a long flight!

map of Chita

Two rives merge here – the Chita and the Ingoda Rivers.

According to the 2010 census the population was 324,444.  It was founded in 1653 by Turkish and Mongolian tribes then became a city in 1851.

If we take a trip at some point on the Trans-Siberian railway we could stop off at Chita – a long way from Moscow (3,900 miles approximately).

Dear readers – if you want to plan a real visit here may I suggest a summer trip (either that or have a very, very warm coat).

What to do?  Lots and lots – actually, over 50 different things to see and do.  Museums (one of which is devoted to local lore), a drama theater, a cathedral with gold domes; definitely worth a look.    We can take a virtual tour of the museum I mentioned  here.

Welcome back – they also have a national park, a city zoo, and a Buddhist temple.  A puppet theater or ostrich farm more your style?  Chita has you covered there too!

All that sightseeing – I’m hungry.  The cuisine we can find here is everything from French to Middle eastern – something for every taste bud and every pocketbook.  If restaurant A (your first choice) is busy or closed they have a Plan B restaurant (I kid you not) which has American and European food.

Enjoy your stay and see you next time for D.

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