Where in the world… Essen

Sadly we leave Durban for now, but we get back on the Trans-Sahara Highway to arrive in Essen, Germany.  A beautiful place that was founded in the 9th century.  It took us 188 hours to get here (8,480.1 miles).  I think some exquisite German chocolate is in order now!  Essen is on the Ruhr River (how’s that for a tongue twister?) and the Rhine.

Ruhr River

It has something for everyone for sure – a train museum, sea creatures, botanic gardens, Blankenstein Castle, and an interactive water museum – sounds interesting.

Want to see a sculpture of Mary that is gold leafed and crafted in 980?  Essen has it – find Minster and you are there.

The forest valley exhibit in the botanical gardens has bonsai – neat!  And if you like birds, you’ve come to the right place.  The gardens have aviaries that house owls, flamingos… Oh, and there is also a miniature train on the grounds.  All aboard!

A synagogue from 1910 is now a Jewish cultural center – the front of the building is curved and looks really interesting.

How about a visit to a philharmonic (meaning loves harmony) orchestra.  With a 2000 seat capacity I think we will all fit.  Beethoven’s Ode to Joy would be spectacular here I think.

A pretty side visit is Kettwig with its paved streets.  It used to separate from Essen but was incorporated in 1975 – a very good spot for a cream tea I think.  The buildings here are from the 17th century.

paved roads buildings and dog

A spectacular light display is featured during the Christmas season in Essen.  The first display was in 1928.

Take only memories – leave only footprints.  See you next time!

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