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Wouldn’t it be neat?

If we could each have one on our desks at work and by our bedside?

Each day when we wake we would here words of encouragement from this encourage mint – 😀

I think it is a great idea – also a perfect gift for anyone – would never be returned.

Maybe an app that we can tap before taking on a task?


leaf that looks like mint speaks encouraging words

You got this!


Don’t Be Discouraged!

Keep a smile on your face.

There is a reason everything happens as it does. Disappointments / slow progress – all happen. We feel ill if we need to slow down and have a rest. We get turned down for jobs that were probably not the best for us.

Let’s continue to bless and encourage each other –

life is good!

be positive

be positive

You Too can write a Mystery

The excitement begins – come up with the ending or the beginning or maybe somewhere in between.

For me, I came up with the ending and a possible beginning.  I have a sense of my main character and the difficulties he/ she experiences.  Now to add the red herrings, the suspects, the conflicts, scenes…

For my dear readers who are interested – here is the title of the work in progress.

The Dream Unfolds…

What would your title be?  Start writing – see where it leads.

Read Aileen’s story

A sensitive soul named Aileen (which means shining one) “accidently” discovers a room hidden behind one of the bookshelves in her favorite room – the library. Maybe it was meant to be! This room is a portal to other dimensions where she can be an invisible helper without absorbing any of the negative energy. And so it begins….

On the morning of her 16th birthday Aileen woke early and ran with her kitten to her favorite room – the library. Spying one of her birthday gift books that she liked to read again and again (and had worn out), she took it. Just then, a creaking sound……..

What’s this? A room behind the bookshelf. Aileen sensed nothing but peace and calm so had no fear to enter. Her sidekick kitten “kitty cat” (nicknamed KC) joined her. Breathtaking! All of her years and she never even knew this place existed. One area led to what looked like a cave made of amethyst; a stairwell leading down – she could hear water! Wow! An arbor of lavender was behind her (that must lead back to the library she thought). Aileen vowed then and there that she would tell no one of the room; but would return to it as often as she could.

Want to read more?

Head over to to buy.  $10 – published last week by Ingram.  Will be available in Barnes and Noble soon.  Final chapter of the book is a preview of the sequel.  Thank you dear readers – may it bless and inspire you.  Recent comments about the book have been “heart warming and educational…” “Could not stop reading…”

New Year – new chance to write

Hi – this year I’ve decided to locate prompts that speak to me and write about them in posts. Today’s prompt started

“If I were invisible…” and came from

Here’s what I came up with:

If I were invisible, I’d listen in on what people say and anonymously try to help them. If I was able to help them or not, I would send them energy from the universe as a channel. It would be much easier to attend a party if I were invisible – I would not feel in any way constricted – I could just be myself. I may have to dream of wearing a cloak of invisibility, or being in a place that had a higher vibration that me, so I appeared invisible to the inhabitants. I would definitely go to the ocean and commune with the dolphins and sandpipers. I would walk slowly along the shore, aware of the gentle waves lapping at my heels, the sand squishing beneath my toes. Yes, to an introvert like me, being invisible sounds wonderful.

I hope everyone who reads this is blessed.

Check back again for another thought.

Time to silence the critic

be positive

be positive

Hi readers – beginning today I am taking a journey. One that begins with silencing the inner critic once and for all. She has had the podium for long enough.  Want to join me? Together we can do it. I will post my progress and what I found helpful regularly so check back. Here we go…


Today I read “if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it”. Wow! Yes, I think that one will go on a post it note to remind myself.

If you have joined me in this journey, I salute you. If you are already at the finish line, well done!

Words from A Powerful Video

I recently saw a video put out by Power of Positivity.  The words really helped me so I wanted to pass them along.  They are:

If you’ve been told you’re too sensitive, this is for you…

  • Expressing your emotions is your strength
  • Loving and forgiving those who hurt you is your gift
  • Dreaming and thinking deeply about life is your power to bring change.
  • Feeling energy around you, emotions, and pain, means you’re very aware.
  • You’re not crazy, naive, or broken.  You’re normal.
  • It’s an innate gift you were given, but you must protect yourself to stay strong.
  • Limit time with people and situations that drain your energy.
  • Make time for self care, nature, and solitude to recharge.
  • Always remember, you don’t need to change or harden
  • You’re purity makes you who you are
  • Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.


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God Value’s Us

Ouch! While reading about the sections of daily prayer today I was moved at the section on confession. Started out okay with loving each other, no problem there. Then it went on to say – And I have forgotten how much you value me. Dear Lord, help me remember.

Dear readers, if this strikes a cord with you, we just have to confess it; God is always ready to give us a second chance.

Have a blessed day!