Where in the world…. Funabashi

Germany was a wonderful experience.  Now we have gone all the way across Europe a total of 5,773 miles.  (Phew!)  Ohayou gozaimasu (pronounced oh- hi- oh- goh – zai – mas).  You just said hello in Japanese – give yourself a big pat on the back!

map of funabashi japan

Our first stop is the Funabashishi Funabashi Anderson Koen Kodomo Museum.  It is an art museum that is in a children’s park.  It offers classes.  One of the exhibits it has is called Animal Power – that sounds interesting.

We can make a pit stop at the Nakayama Horse Tracks – maybe pick a winner?

Sacred sites more your cup of tea?  A trip to Funabashi Daijingu then – it is a shinto shrine with approximately 2,000 years of history in its many buildings.

I smell roses – we must be near the Yatsu Rose Garden – breathtaking.  They have hundreds of roses – well worth a visit.

Okay, I hear the beer fans that are with us cheering.  We have arrived at the sapporo Beer Chiba factory.  Most rate the experience as very good.

There are several places to shop too – malls, street markets, and everything in between.  My favorite memory is the 2nd floor of Ito Yokado – a garden terrace (first floor is the japanese equivalent of 7-eleven) complete with soft serve ice cream for 100 yen, pinball machines, and teriaki on a stick.  I was 13 at the time so the price of the ice cream has probably gone up a little.

Funabashi has something for everyone.  Ooo, must stop at the Planetarium Museum.  Planetarium shows are always out of this world!  (smiles to self).

Enjoy the visit dear ones.  See you next time for a place beginning with G.

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